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International Conference 
11‒14 November 2019

WiFi Connection

Connection via Eduroam

If your home institution provides a WiFi connection via Eduroam network, you can connect via Eduroam network in all Masaryk University buildings, too.
More about Eduroam at Masaryk University here.

Connection via the guest account

You can also connect to Eduroam via the guest account. All participants that provided their e-mail address, find their login and password inside their name labels received at registration.

Not secured data transfer

Network name: MUNI
Login: GuestXYZ (e.g. Guest12345, for your personal login, see your blue folder)

Secured data transfer

Network name: eduroam
Login: GuestXYZ@eduroam.muni.cz (e.g. Guest12345@eduroam.muni.cz, for your personal login see your blue folder, for network connection instructions click here).

If you have a problem with the connection, please ask the conference staff.

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