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In the fall of 2018 starts the first Czech archaeological research in Oman. The archaeologists will study a vanished lake in the mountainous hinterland of northern Oman and conduct survey of the so called triliths (i.e. in line standing stones) that can be found along the south coast of Arabia. Apart from archaeologists and students of Masaryk University, also researchers from Austria, Germany, Italy, USA and Oman will participate in the research.

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PANE students and the rest of the team, 2014, Ba'ja Project, author: Christopher Purschwitz (Freie Universität Berlin)

Since 2014 – cooperation with Free University of Berlin: participitation in the Eastern Jafr Joint Archaeological Project (EJP) and since 2016 participitation in the Ba'ja project in Jordan, directed by Dr. Hans-Georg Gebel. Within this project, PANE students take part in archaeological research and attend internships in the scientific organisation and publishing house Ex Oriente (Berlin), and participate in processing of research results.

Outputs: master’s degree thesis, co-authorship in professional publications, lectures in international conferences (Cyprus 2016).

Dr. Maximilan Wilding and PANE students, Oxa-Kalos Lakkos, 2013

2013 - 2017, the Oxa – Kalos Lakkos project (Crete) has been realised in cooperation with Classical Archaeology (Mgr. Věra Klontza-Jaklová, Ph.D.). The topic of the project was surface water management in the already uninhabited region of Oxa – Kalos Lakkos in south-eastern Crete.

Outputs: 2 publications in print, 1 publication in preparation, a public lecture, practical field training for students.

PANE student Lenka Tkáčová, Department of Anthropology, Yale University

The 2014-2017 project: Research and study of the archaeological material from the Khabur Basin (Syria) and Deh Luran (Iran) Projects (applicants: Mgr. Inna Mateiciucová, PhD. and Dr. Phil. Maximilian Wilding – PANE, Prof. Frank Hole - Department of Anthropology). The project has been realised on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding, which was concluded between the Masaryk University and Yale University. The cooperation comprises processing of archaeological material, especially the pottery and chipped stone industry from surface collecting and excavations in the area of Middle Khabur in NE Syria (research by Prof. Frank Hole, 1980s and 1990s).

Outputs: bachelor’s and master’s degree theses, lectures in the Barcelona international conference (October 2015) and in ICAANE (Vienna 2016), professional papers and publications, student internships.

In 2006-2010, the Centre of Prehistoric Archaeology of the Near East (PANE) conducted archaeological research at the Late Neolithic locality of Tell Arbid Abyad in Syria (research project of DAM No. MSM0021622427). This project was cancelled in 2010 since the political situation in Syria has changed. The department currently performs four main scientific and research activities. 

The evaluation of results of excavations at the Late Neolithic locality of Tell Arbid Abyad in Syria still continues: within the development projects of MU, catalogues of pottery and chipped stone industry were set up, natural scientific analyses were carried out, professional papers were published, presentations were held in international conferences and workshops – Rome, London, Leiden, Rejvíz-Brno, Barcelona and Vienna. Further processing of results has been conducted with support from the Humboldt Foundation at Free University of Berlin (Mgr. Inna Mateiciucová, PhD., Dr. Phil. Maximilian Wilding).

House of the Czech expedition (so called بيت تشيكي), Tell Arbid Abyad, Syria

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