We explore ancient history

Our field of study of Ancient History covers the complete ancient history time span; starting with the Sumerian and Egyptian beginnings and continuing up to the metamorphosis of Antiquity in the Middle Ages.

Our researchers publish edited volumes that are focused on the methodology of Ancient History research, textbooks for teaching Ancient History at various types of schools, as well as monographs intended for the general public.


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Assoc. Prof. Jarmila Bednaříková

history of Late Antiquity, the Migration Period; popularization of Ancient History

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Ass. Prof. Markéta Melounová

history of the Late Roman Republic and the Early Empire (Principate), Hellenistic Greece, reception of Antiquity

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Ass. Prof. Marek Meško

history of the Byzantine Empire, nomads, military history from Antiquity to the present day

Main Research Fields (Researchers and PhD Students)

• unsolved problems of the Roman Republic

• the specifics of Roman monarchy in the Principate

• problems of Late Antiquity and the Migration Period

• the phenomenon of the so-called intermediate periods and migrations in ancient history

• the history of the Byzantine Empire and the relations between nomads and agricultural civilizations

• ancient and Byzantine warfare

• Roman and “barbarian” law

• state issues in Antiquity

• religious specifics of Antiquity

• reception of Antiquity in later periods

Publications for the general public


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