Islamic Universalism in International Relations

  • 22 May 2023
    3:00 PM
  • Lecture hall A21 (Arna Nováka 1, building A, 2nd floor)

Classical Islam is a typical representative of military-political universalism in international relations in the Middle Ages, such as Orthodox (Tsarist) universalism and Catholic universalism. Islam has developed a bipolar geopolitical concept of dividing the world into the "sphere of Islam" and the "sphere of war," which is the target of jihad until the inevitable victory of Islam worldwide. Since the advent of the "Eastern Question" and the "Great Game", Islamic universalism has been transformed into a spiritual form. However, contemporary Islamic fundamentalists and Islamists (al-Qaeda, Islamic State) are trying to revive classical Islamic universalism by declaring jihad as the sixth individual duty of a Muslim.

Prof. Eduard Gombár is a prominent Czech Arabist and historian of modern and contemporary Arab history. However, his activities also extend to international relations and diplomacy. Prof. Gombár works at the University of International and Public Relations in Prague.

The lecture will launch a series of thematic exhibitions:

The event is co-organized by the Czech-Arab Society Brno. The lecture will be preceded by a regular meeting of Anna Lindh Foundation members from the Moravian regions.

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